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You know I've talked about it and here it is, the cracktastic Wrecking Ball made by [personal profile] luminosity .


BiPagan SparklyCrackTease
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (1073 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Beyonce the giant metal chicken, Hunter S. Thomcat, Copernicus the homicidal monkey, The Bloggess, Victor (

The Bloggess tries her hand at running a kitten livestream.


Ghost strangler?

BiPagan SparklyCrackTease
Last night I went to bed and started falling asleep but suddently felt like I was being strangled. I coughed so hard and took gasping breaths. It felt like someone was kneeling with their legs over me, had both hands around my throat, and was strangling me.

I hit The Husband to wake him up and told him,"Don't call me crazy but I feel like a ghost is strangling me. I don't want to open my eye and see this ghost."

"Well you're lucky because no one is strangling you."

"You wouldn't see it because you don't see ghosts."

"There's that. You could always open your eyes to see the ghost."

"I'm telling you, someone is kneeling over me and trying to strangle me. I don't want to see the ghost. But they are full of glee and smiling."

"You're fine."

"You'd understand if you were psychic."

I told the ghost to stop the bullshit already. I kept a hand on The Husband and a dog all night and eventually went back to sleep.
BiPagan SparklyCrackTease
Last night Inappropriate Girls Night was IN THE HOUSE. Ok, I'm still a little buzzed from the merry making. I got out of the house, y'all! I spent time with friends. I saw boobies and not just symbiod's. Who is a guy so he technically doesn't count for IGN but he does come out of his bedroom periodically wearing a loincloth and burping suggestively. At which point I respond with my mating call, the blowing of my nose. Which if anyone has ever heard me blow my nose then you know it sounds like an elephant mating ritual call for sex. Then I came home with itchy face because of sophy's cat. But before that there was naiadea motorboating of my boobs, with my shirt ON thank you very much. I'm a lady. Geez, what's wrong with you people? Yes naiadea and I bring the inappropriate to IGN but we're klassy, that's right...with a 'k.' The house was decorated for the season by pinguincochica and sophy and happy holiday music was listened to. Taeli and pinguincochica beta'ed by Yuletide Treasure which turned into more of a work of fiction instead of fanfiction but c'est la vie. Yuletide is about the writing and less about the getting, as I learned years ago. Back to the happy holiday music because I got all excited because I remembered some completely inappropriate holiday music shared with me by taeli years back and I insisted on naiadea bringing it up on her computer which totally harshed pinguincochica's mellow.

You decide:

Walking Round In Womens Underwear!

and that lovely carol, Fist Me This Christmas!

But that reminded me of other happy holiday music that I didn't share like:

Rusty Chevrolet!


BiPagan SparklyCrackTease
This is the very first time I've been able to get a vidding panel at OddCon. I need people who would want to be on the panel and organize a sample of vidding. If you are at all interested and will be in Madison, WI April 20-22 then please go to this website and sign up.

Panelist Volunteer
Look under Media and click on "Vidding, not just for dirty girls anymore"

I did not choose that title but we do need to name panels in an effort to get people to show up.

The deadline for panel sign ups is March 11th!

My Yuletide Gift, exactly what I wanted

BiPagan SparklyCrackTease
This is all I gave:

Request 3 by BiPagan
Bernice Summerfield (Big Finish Audio) 
Bernice Summerfield
Summary Bernice Summerfield & River Song realize they are the same person.

And they gave me exactly what I wanted:

Personal Archaeology (3044 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Bernice Summerfield (Big Finish Audio), Doctor Who & Related Fandoms
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Bernice Summerfield, River Song, Peter Summerfield, Jason Kane

One volume of Benny Summerfield's diary is a peculiar shade of blue, and full of someone else's memories.


Filmography 2010

BiPagan SparklyCrackTease

This vid has all these movies in it. I kinda wish that I had seen more movies in 2010. That doesn't seem right. How did I miss so many?

Yuletide 2010, what I wrote

BiPagan SparklyCrackTease
It Starts With A Plan (1325 words) by faviconBiPagan
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis RPF
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett
Characters: Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jane Loughman, Katherine Kousi
Summary: This is a story of two men who already have love in their lives, but the lust was overwhelming.

I admit, it's nowhere near as well written as:
located in Infinity (a small village just outside Bristol) (3092 words) by faviconizzybeth
Fandom: Museum Of Everything
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Jane, John, George, Tom Waits - Character
Summary: Just another day at the Museum Of Everything.

Or as close to the actual "characters" as:
So, a guy walks into a bar... (2044 words) by faviconlovelokest
Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Harry Lockhart/Perry van Shrike, Harmony Lane/Harry Lockhart
Characters: Harry Lockhart, Harmony Lane, Perry van Shrike
Summary: Sometimes a cliché is a cliché, sometimes it's not.

But mine is porn so, who really cares?

To learn more about these lovely fandoms:
The Museum of Everything, a radio show everyone should listen to, especially when on a long trip. Download them all now.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a movie that is improbably good.

List of books read in 2010

BiPagan SparklyCrackTease
 Total number of books read, 70. I averaged about 5 to 6 books a month.  My favorite author this past year was Kage Baker.  I know how shocking it is considering she doesn't write paranormal romance and there are no vampires or werewolves in her books.  She came into my field of vision through my book club in February and I developed this desire to read all her books in order.  Still working on it.  You'll notice that, even with the pregnancy, I didn't read one pregnancy/baby book all the way through since there isn't any listed here.  Unless you count Jenny McCarthy.


January =5

The Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff.

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith. 

Uncanny X-Men: Divided We Stand by Ed Brubaker.

How To Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.


February =9

The Empress of Mars by Kage Baker.

Angel: The Curse by Jeff Mariotte.

Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Undead and Unappreciated by MaryJanice Davidson.

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Undead and Unreturnable by MaryJanice Davidson.

Undead and Unpopular by MaryJanice Davidson.

Undead and Uneasy by MaryJanice Davidson.

Undead and Unworthy by MaryJanice Davidson.


March =4

The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine.

Undead and Unwelcome by MaryJanice Davidson.

The Dark-Hunters manga Vol. 2 by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Tempted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.


April =7

Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar.

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan.

Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine.

Dead and Loving It by MaryJanice Davidson.

Dead Over Heels by MaryJanice Davidson. 

A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris.

Kick-Ass by Mark Millar.


May =5

A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris.

The Queen's Governess by Karen Harper.

Uncanny X-Men: Lovelorn by Matt Fraction.

The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan.

Null/Void by Adrain Drake.


June =5

Feast Of Fools by Rachel Caine.

Amazon Queen by Lori Devoti.

Jailbait Zombie by Mario Acevedo.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer.

Burned: A House of Night novel by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.


July =5

The Battle of the Labyrinth: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 4 by Rick Riordan.

In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker.

Dead And Gone by Charlaine Harris.

Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris

Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine.


August =4

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.

Fallen by Lauren Kate.

Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin.


September =5

Sky Coyote by Kage Baker.

Runaways Vol. 3 by Brian K. Vaughan.

Belly Laughs: the naked truth about pregnancy and childbirth by Jenny McCarthy.

Baby Laughs: the naked truth about the first year of mommyhood by Jenny McCarthy.

The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer.


October =4

Mendoza in Hollywood by Kage Baker.

White Cat by Holly Black.

Undead and Unfinished by MaryJanice Davidson.

Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold.


November =10

Life Laughs by Jenny McCarthy.

Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale by Zack Whedon, Joss Whedon, & Chris Samnee.

The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz.

The Keys To The Repository by Melissa de la Cruz.

The Graveyard Game by Kage Baker.

The Last Olympian: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 5 by Rick Riordan.

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 1 by Ralph Tedesco.

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 2 by Ralph Tedesco.

Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin.

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 3 by Ralph Tedesco.


December =7

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 4 by Ralph Tedesco.

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 5 by Ralph Tedesco.

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 6 by Ralph Tedesco.

Grimm Fairy Tales Tales from Wonderland by Ralph Tedesco.

Grimm Fairy Tales Return to Wonderland by Ralph Tedesco.

Dark Lover: book one in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward.

Uncharted Territori by Tori Spelling.